Arty Party

Deep and meaningful entertainment that nourishes the soul.

In today’s world of pressure, deadlines and communication overload we rarely take the time out to turn our focus inward and nurture our own creative and spiritual needs. The Arty Party sets out to redress that balance.

In this four-hour workshop, Saliha Tajhal will lead you on a journey. Guiding you through a process that will quieten your busy mind, stir your creative instincts and make you, quite literally, come to your senses, she will help you to lay down pathways that can help you achieve your goals.

What are the expected outcomes?

The event is both a healing practice and an empowering one brought together through art, colour and mindfulness. The aim is for the personal or professional goals of each participant to be realised as new pathways are mapped-out during the process. Any emotional blocks that are preventing these goals from becoming reality are acknowledged and healed during this peaceful, centreing and orienting workshop. Aside from leaving with a renewed sense of well being and clarity each participant will leave with a framed art work of their own creation.

Who can benefit from an Arty Party?

The Arty Party is designed to be an inspiring and intimate gathering with a maximum of ten participants and a minimum of four. Often it is used as a networking event where participants are professionals in the same industry. However, HR Managers have also used it to facilitate a team building exercise and it has been found to be very useful if there is any underlying conflict between co-workers. Ultimately it is suitable for all adult professionals and executives, particularly those who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed and whose personal and professional lives would be improved from a little self-nurturing and centering.

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