Saliha’s Graphology Service

Saliha provides a leading edge employment profile solution for discerning individuals, employers and recruiters.

As a graphologist, Saliha completes the science of handwriting and signature analysis, reporting on capacity and aptitude of people, to confirm a person’s innate qualities or lack of.

Saliha does not measure what is learned, but reports on natural inclinations and capabilities.

This is a foolproof test without character assassination. It fills the gaps where intelligence tests fail. As graphology has the most direct access to the psyche, Saliha reports on one’s conscious or unconscious drives, motivations and their underlying causes, along with detecting a level of honesty, control, extremities, exaggeration, openness, mental health, and temperament factors – as these stand out in the individual hand writing and signatures.

Saliha’s graphology service compliments psychological assessments and is an exceptional tool for:

  • career choice
  • job candidate selection
  • partnership compatibilities

Saliha does not use automated electronic software! Having practiced graphology – analysing hand writing of thousands of her own counselling clients for 40 years, she gives each report the full deserved respect and consideration.

Saliha excels in recognising talent, real human qualities and delights in directing it to its path.

Discretion is assured.