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Graphologist Saliha will captivate your guests at your next event

“Our guests were entranced by Saliha as a person and fascinated by her ability to analyze handwriting.

She truly is an event organizer’s ‘secret weapon’. She turns a regular affair into a memorable event”.

This comment followed the previous Montblanc promotion at their launch in Sydney. It is typical of the effect Saliha has on appreciative event organizers and their audiences.

At that time, Montblanc set Saliha up in a prominent position of their venue with a sign nearby that offered an irresistible challenge – “Handwriting Mirrors the Soul!”

A steady stream of board members, celebrities and media people, sat intrigued during their brief encounter with Saliha as she unfolded startling insights about them.

Saliha is available to turn your events into memorable occasions.

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P.S. As a patron of the arts and worthy causes, Saliha is also open to requests to donate her services to events that seek to enrich the lives of the world’s people.