Graphology Reports

To help you place the right employee into the appropriate position, Saliha offers you discreet insight into the character of the person you are about to employ.

When you need to place the right person for the right job, do you sometimes find yourself conflicted about choosing the correct candidate amongst many ambitious people who stand shining in their armor? They do often present as so well-polished and exactly the way you want them – dazzling like the fool’s gold!

Simply e-mail or mail:

  • the subject’s original handwriting sample
  • the subject’s birthdate
  • the subject’s signature
  • a list of some of the qualities that you are looking for in particular, or questions you would like to be answered

Alternatively, you can send the job description and she will highlight the person’s qualities and capabilities in those areas in which they may be of most use to you and to the applicant.

Saliha will highlight the level of honesty, willingness, readiness, exaggeration, curiosity, enquiring mind, empathy/apathy, subconscious motivations, vulnerabilities, depth of emotion, ability to conform, ambitions, ability to stick to things, ability to start-stop, closing deals, raising standards, creativity, capacity for love, leadership, change, swift action, inner conflicts and much more. All depending on the needs and that is for the good of all involved!

As employers, save yourselves costly dismissals and as recruiters, sleep well at night assured of your candidate selections.

A discreet personal consultation, could be the best investment of your life!

Send your final candidate’s handwriting sample for $450 or 2 final candidates for a comparative analysis that is $650.

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