An intuition work shop for the work place
by Saliha Tajhal

An intimate full day work shop, that will introduce you to your intuition, develop it and help you apply it to your working conditions and demands.

You will be:

  • Awakened to your inner resources,
  • Introduced to the intuitive sciences,
  • Helped to apply it to your work and daily living to achieve greater heights with greater ease.

This is a special invitation to ten privileged people to journey deeper into their soul to embrace the depth of their soul’s richness through out the year.

Dates: On first Sundays of the months Oct 2nd, Nov. 6th, Dec. 4th; from 11.00 am till 4.00 pm

it will start back on 2017 February 5th till the end of the year.

Prerequisites: Have a good night sleep the night before, first thing in the morning practice yoga or stretch for half an hour.

What to bring: Warm comfortable clothing, house socks. Plan for a quiet night for the evening, it is best spent alone for the day’s work to sink in and register where it really counts.

Will be provided: exercise books, refreshments and secret materials..

Cost: $450 per person.

Venue: Level 1/ 204 Clarence Street Sydney 2000 NSW

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