Inspirational Readings

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I like to make life’s heavy work fun through…

  • Cover 1


    The ancient game of life makes it easier to face things and hear.

  • Cover 2


    Your palms are the living map of your destiny. Amazing insights even at baby palms!

  • Cover 3

    Wake-Up cards

    Saliha’s own personal development and life assessment plan. Life affirming!

  • Cover 4


    Hand writing and signature analysis for self awareness, career direction, partnership compatibility and job placement.

  • Cover 5


    Apply Saliha’s own unique formula in the use of numerology for partnership compatibilities.

  • Cover 6


    Taking intuition a step forward. Predictions of your life’s circumstances around, and in front of you

  • Cover 7

    Counselling with a heart and soul

    Have reflective conversations with Saliha. Original thoughts, wise counsel, vast life and business experience, priceless!!!

  • Cover 8

    Life education

    Inspire and challenge yourself, family, friends and workplace. The gift that keeps giving on!


  • Cover 9

    Dreaming of visions

    Intentional dreaming, creative visualisation, distant healing, affirming and projecting distant positive change. Esoteric awareness.

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