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These awakening thoughts will make you grow in your awareness, within the capacity of your heart, faith and trust in yourself and in life. They will help your actions flow consciously and responsibly. That is what I call Grace. Enjoy!


Wake Up Cards

Wake Up Cards

Especially suitable for psychologists, counsellors, human resources and senior management.

A unique personal growth plan in an ingenious fun box that opens into a template to use as a life assessment. Wonder, ponder and grow! Although it makes life’s heavy work fun, it is not for the faint hearted.

Designed for people who dare to question themselves at a deeper end.

This for the few privileged.

$65 AUD

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Spiritual Pot Pourri

Spiritual Pot Pourri

A gift of life education that keeps giving on! Both as a mother and a counsellor I did not want to become a nag repeating myself and I wanted to get my point across. How did I get through my teenagers and their friends? By packaging my thoughts my life wisdom just like lollies..

Grounding, nurturing and challenging your work place… Personal growth cannot be forced onto your loved ones! Therefore I have created a slow release, well formulated moral booster – growth plan for your work place, clients and family.

Invite your people to ‘lucky-dip’ an insightful thought to take home and keep. Let them wonder, ponder and grow.

They are much needed psychological acupunctures that eradicate social ailments, quietly inspire and speak to people in your care from a higher mind. Gently injecting them with exclamation thoughts, inspiring and challenging their actions that you may not want to tell them yourselves.

Pure Zen!

The joy of growing individually with ‘Wake-Up’ Cards while having your direct environment become gradually and subtly aware with Spiritual Pot Pourri means, you no longer have to leave people you care for behind in order to fulfil your soul’s purpose. Even the kids love it! They can’t get enough of them. They live and breath them.

From a quiet distance enjoy watching them consider things that you do not want to tell them yourself.

Family size $50 AUD +Postage
Jumbo size $250 AUD +Postage

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