My Biography

Long, long ago; far, far away; I was born in a small town called Giresun in Turkey, right on the Black Sea Coast of Anatolia – (where cherries originated from). The fish swam happily and (The Daughters of ‘Tac-i Ali’ simply said Tacaliogullari) three little sisters were allowed to dream their lives in their own terms. I felt the calling of many places and even as a three-year-old, could feel the call from somewhere far away. I knew I had to wait until I had grown up to catch the first fateful airflow that would uplift me to get there and live my fate.

I knew I had to wait…

My highly respected, reverend father ‘Obi Wan Kenobi’ encouraged me to think for myself and consented from his heart, giving me the courage to follow mine. I say reverend because of the way in which he revered life and life’s will. With his violin he instilled music into my soul, with his appreciation he gratified me, with his trust he encouraged me. ‘En-Couraged’ me!

My gorgeous ‘high born’ princess mother, whom everybody admired and followed in terms of her performance, deed and design, tactfully personified Darth Vader with amazing practical creativity, and sensibility. In unity, the two Zen masters were totally in tune with each other – protected us from the ills only Darth Vader would perceive, cherished us in their loving romance, lived in harmony in a vastly dissimilar dimension to everybody else – and groomed and prepared me for my independence to reach out and embrace my destiny.

Both parents carrying on the uninterrupted shamanic wisdom of our ancestors guiding us all the way from Central Asia where we originated from twelve hundred years ago; no political system, no religion, or anything else messed with them. Growing hazelnuts and cherries, they owned land and villages and worked in total respect and harmony with the worker villagers. Later my father established The Turkish Agricultural Bank in many towns around the region. Both their parents were regarded as ‘Lords and Ladies’ of todays western standards.

Their integrity continues to act as my protection from all nonsense and allows me, my own compass, to safely experiment on different paths where most people would dare not tread! Having the gift passed on in terms of what it takes to safely recreate myself, heal myself and others, is a privilege that i do not take for granted and freely pass on to those rare people who are ready to receive it.

Not many people can see what they look at, or hear what is not said…

I am able to perceive what most people wouldn’t have the same notions about but in respecting people’s privacy I try not to. I am able to educate myself, learning for myself and for my own pleasure. I passionately and patiently direct my own evolution. I am in charge of my own life and experimentation in terms of playing, loving, and having fun while expanding my awareness without following other people. I learn from others without learning from what they claim to know. I learn from what people don’t know or say. I read things that are not disclosed. Being me is a full time occupation.

I am a self-motivated, self-made, self-centred and a self-realised person. Simply an S.M.M.C.R.!!!

That sounds like I may be an extremely selfish person! That may be what I am, but in my thinking, being selfish does not mean wanting all the cookies for myself but instead being conscious of the cookies tasting better when they are shared. During my lifetime I have rarely met a selfish person. They are mostly mistaken for their ignorance with regards to not knowing their true self interests.

As an SMMCR, I am accountable for my words and deeds. I can stand in my own boots and speak about my own life experiences, not from somebody else’s or from collective knowledge. My conscience binds me, and my spirit inspires me.

Angels whisper song into my soul but my feet are firmly grounded for the work that has to be fulfilled to meet the demands of my calling. I take great delight in discovering purpose in all things in life and helping to fulfil it.

I take great delight in discovering purpose in all things in life and helping to fulfil it…

I am often called a conceptualist, and an entrepreneur – I say I’m an opportunist, a good one that may exploit the potential of available circumstance. Just another rascal really! I am a single mother of two amazing women. I am an artist; painter and drawer, designer, counsellor, publisher, and a well-rounded, multi-talented woman who has had a go at many things and succeeded for a time.

However, I still find it hard to understand why thousands of people are drawn to me, trusting me with their confidence for half a century. Such a privilege, not easily given yet each soul blessed mine, giving me the opportunity to grow further! The inspirations between us grew and grew and gave back multifold. People of all walks/works of life since 1974, here in Australia, entrusted their integrity, hearts, and souls with me, to be put in my hands for me to caress, enjoy and recognise their qualities! I must say, I did throw a few people out of my orbit for my own reasons.

Psychologists, counsellors, politicians, first ladies, prostitutes, social workers, teachers, clergyman, celebrities, writers, artists, home makers, home breakers, bankers, financiers, journalists, TV presenters, and many with varied cultural backgrounds, religions and economic status gave me the privilege of accessing their natures and passions. Graphology happened to me through my clients hand writing and signatures. Their words did not always match their writing style, which started to educate me all by itself. What a gift they gave back!

I dared to embrace those who had the courage to come my way. I counselled and nurtured them with all my heart and soul, along with using common sense of another culture that helped in getting a better perspective of life with a wit I could gather naturally. I say I was facilitated by angels and their good humour in becoming the author of those unique personal growth development plans that were ingeniously disguised in boxes of fun, independently – I refer to ‘Wake-Up Cards’ as provident care!

I dared to embrace those who had the courage to come my way…

After teaching ‘The Art of Creative Living, Loving and Working’ for a life time, along with running my own meditation groups and healing sessions, as of November 2009, I needed to take some time off to rest and ‘listen’. I mean, stop to listen deeper and further. Keeping the company of an 87 year old mature lady, whom I believe is the re-incarnation of Captain Jack Sparrow, assisted me do just that (her family suffered from her Alzheimer condition and happily paid for all our art expenses. Enjoying the northern beaches up to Palm Beach, we dared to listen to the nature; we listened to our senses, drew and painted anything that appealed to us, which was commonly nature!

For eighteen months together we have lived and loved the most romantic time of our lives.

Her friendship inspired and nurtured me, encouraging me to keep going. I miss her so very much but feel she is with me, approving every brush stroke I do. So although I am a self-made and motivated woman, I find it hard to say that I am a self-thought artist, as I feel the presence of angels and the spirit of Captain Sparrow guiding my hands.

Yes, you could say that my life has not always been easy – an easy life would have killed me right from the start! My life is my imagination and against all odds, I defy and triumph and I am so blessed to live, love and participate in life on my terms! I am especially blessed for being able to sense and think for myself. My fate is not compromised, my life is my own. But, the thousands of hands I have held for over half a century also held mine and I am grateful for such a privileged life, so well imagined, lived, loved and encouraged by amazing people. I love it when they say ‘only you can say the unspoken and get away with it, Saliha’ or ‘no one goes as deep as you do, Saliha.’ I carry them as my badge of honour.

An easy life would have killed me right from the start!

Here are some flowers, gifts of love from life itself, right from the bottom of my garden that may inspire you. They are saturated with prayers, appreciation and gratitude that will carry on!