“I am at peace and always exploring who I am and sweeping my existence with love and committed to my wholeness. I know that without your guidance, there would have been much struggle and acknowledge your love and guidance that guided me to love within. Your light reaches me from much distance. Lots of love always, xxx.”

— Crissy Hooper

“What I liked least was…facing my fear. Yet it has made me stronger and wiser.”

— Natalie Ebert

“What I liked most was…your warmth, down-to-earth manner, beautiful smile, caring attitude and your sense of humour.”

— Julia Westley

“It helped me opening awareness and introducing options for confusing issues.”

— Anonymous

“Thank you Saliha, the hour spent with you was such a positive experience. You have a gift that is invaluable, of being able to transmit optimism and enthusiasm. I appreciated your advice and your kindness and concern…I am now ready to confront anything that comes my way and turn it into a positive experience. Bless you.”

— Jemima Graham

“Saliha, thanks for your help. You were a very popular success at our party”

— Gerard M. Lane President, Lane Moving & Storage

“Dear Saliha, I am writing to thank you so much for your help in making our Boutique opening last week such a success. By all accounts you were the highlight of the evening and many found your interpretations fascinating. It was indeed a pleasure to have had you with us and I know we will use your particular graphology talents in the future. Thanks again, Saliha”

— Michael Foote Montblanc, Sydney

Nobody goes as deep as you do Saliha! ..and only you can say it so straight and get away with it.. You do it so softly though! Thank you.

— Bernadette

“Spot on…unbelievable…incredible!”

— Katrina Flokis

“She has a real gift and enjoys life fully. I would give anything to become like her. I am enriched with experiencing her.”

— Maria

Saliha foretold the last two years of my life with 100% accuracy. Now I have returned to hear the next two.

— Sarah

What clients said about Saliha Tajhal