This is my way

  1. Life’s heavy work must be fun to be effective, and I love to play.
  2. There is pure goodness, like honey, in all people and it is just a matter of accessing it to nurture and cultivate it; to make it work for the benefit of all concerned. When your motivation is that, and you are genuine and know how to care; the joy of it opens doors like saying, ‘open sesame’; all is bared for you not to trespass but approach with reverence. Gently bring it closer and together, integrate it and weave it, make it clear, shed light, make sense of it, nurture it, project your love in it, close it and wrap the person in your faith, make her or his direction clear. This is my job and my privilege.
  3. I am given access to the depth of people’s souls because I have no judgement and plenty of goodwill. I genuinely care. Something inside me intrinsically knows what to do and is highly inspired. People perceive this and feel safe to open-up, also because they recognise the presence in me that comes from life experience and they know they will be supported. They know I won’t apply a learned formula with them or insult them by implementing a template in terms of their unique circumstances.
  4. Even though all people are waiting for someone to discover their inner goodness and qualities, not many are willing to see the good in others. So they all wait for me as I am willing and take great delight in such discovery. I am happy to nurture what I find. What a privilege that is!
  5. I believe the more we take ourselves so seriously the more people laugh at us.
  6. I know that the more sensitive and the gentler I am, the more I can resolve and the stronger I get. Yet, the more sensitive and vulnerable some people are, the tougher they pretend to be. What a waste of energy!
  7. Like the Tao, I like to become one with all things. To work with them and enjoy the process and power. This allows me the privilege of contributing and influencing its direction.
  8. The person whose job it is to pour honey gets to lick her fingers and that is very fair.
  9. Aussie Souls demand authenticity and will mock anything else. It is a very good measure!
  10. People are not stupid, they set you up to check you out. A wonderful integrity test.
  11. Why not discern and leave some experiences alone? Conserve your energy for reflection and for your living.
  12. Discrimination is an abused word. Let’s discern instead and welcome the differences we bring to one another. Allow ourselves to be enriched by it. I want to be embraced for my differences and unique contribution. Please be discerning and do recognise the difference, I can bring to your life.
  13. Becoming conscious of the depth of your soul and developing its deep resonance is the best experience you will have and my pleasure to help deliver you to it!
  14. Containing the joy of my being is one of the hardest lessons I face. I try to smile sweetly.
  15. Integrity shows! Faking won’t get you anywhere.
  16. One cannot be lied to. One only lies to one’s self!
  17. The words fail to tell it all…It is in the living, working and achieving. Then and only then, will you know.